Thursday, October 13, 2011

who cut the cheese

401 West 52nd Street

jasmine introduced me to this beautiful wine and cheese bar last night.
unfortunately, I can only remember the name of our 3rd cheese, "barely buzzed",
paired with a chocolate graham cracker - YUM

by chance, I had just finished with my chiro who told me to eat cheese from raw milk.
casellula being 2 blocks from my apartment, I definitely plan on going back!
as the doctor ordered ;)

she also told me that carbs are painful for my back,
...but I couldn't resist ordering a grilled cheese anyway - it was so worth it! and filling.


  1. we should have our "meeting" here....btw i love your pics. is that from your new camera dear?? i want one~~i want to check it out.

  2. fantastic photos! that whipped ricotto crostini thing looks absolutely delectable~ raw milk cheese! I've heard it's better because it's more pure(?) I couldn't really taste the difference though...hmph.