Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"what people think I do" meme

hahaha, have you guys seen these memes?
I made this new one for fashion designers because I am really relating to the last one right now

can't wait until this collection is done - but frankly,
already started working on the fall collection to follow!!

best husband in the world


my husband and I got to getaway this weekend to spend quality time with my sister.
time together means more to me now than ever,
so I made up my mind to shower my sister with as many kisses as I can manage to squeeze in
(she hates that junk :P)
but seeing how hank was so thoughtful beyond me was surprising and so precious to witness~

I  know I married the best man and I never want to take it for granted!!
even though I see him every day, I miss him every minute we are apart..

happy birthday to the man who makes my life the best it can be.
hank - you are always wise and calm - the rock that I need - thank you
and I will do everything in my power to make you just as happy~~~~ <3 <3

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

choose fun

hey~ I'm alive - but struggling. I keep writing and deleting this post right now

I've been through some of the best.. and worst moments the past couple weeks..

recently at one of the 3 weddings we've attended, the message was "choose Fun"
it's something I really needed to hear.. to make the best of this fragile life.
it really rung with me and it will show in my next collection~~

been thinking so much about life and what it all means.. celebrated the life of 2 that have passed also...

such a precious friend of mine passed away (I want to dedicate a special post, not ready to do that yet)
and it's just too much to soak in.. not an entire hour goes by without thinking about him...

bear with me and I'll be back soon~
just wanted to say, please - don't hold back feelings or words - say them while you can
why not - they will be happy to hear it!!!!
say "I love you", "thank you", "you've changed me this way"


Friday, July 6, 2012

mulberry monsters

unfortunately I hardly recognize the clothes because my eyes just go to the - paws!!

hermes for the marq


The Parq on Paterson Hill, Signature Tower, Singapore is the first luxury apartment building fully decorated by Hermes. The result: spacious 6,200 sq ft apartments feature a carefully curated combination of Hermès furniture, furnishing fabrics, wallpapers, carpets, tableware, along with made-to-order leather upholstered items and a choice of artworks. The Hermés team of decorators led by the fabled French decorator Yves Taralon, the Creative Director of La Table Hermés,  and Michelle Cheong’s, the Creative Director of the SC Global design team collaborated using the principle of “art de vivre”.

thank you for the tip, anne!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

cake opera co.

the cake I'd take home and never eat
the founders - love her gold piggie!!
 “Being yourself is overrated.
Be whoever you want to be.” 

 I need to redecorate....

 little blue eggs never fail me~

the lobster cake - I saw this cake and knew their genius
 every girl's dream cookie - fabrege egg

someone use them for their wedding cake!!
and take me to your tasting :9