Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year's eve~

we're having a party at our place tonight.
I wish it was a christmas party instead. I didn't realize I love xmas so much~

Monday, December 26, 2011

detective dee

 I just watched detective dee starring the beautiful fan bingbing

speaking of, I had my first chinese style christmas~ @ my in law's in law's :)
complete with a delicious peking duck which I'm craving more of

okay~~~ we had too much junk food.. no mas por favor
(I just asked hank how do I say "no more please" in chinese, and he doesn't know...
our kids are totally going to be more korean =T not my fault~~~~~)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

merrrry christmas

anddd goood luck to ya~!!

last min xmas shopping

we had the honor of being the recipients of a real secret santa today!
someone paid for everyone's meal at the restaurant we were at for lunch~
he paid secretly by writing on a napkin and left.
it was heart warming and brought everyone at the restaurant together.
and in turn, we payed it forward with a big tip.
makes me wish it was christmas more often because we all have it in us.. why wait for an excuse?

while xmas shopping, we finally found a clock!!
he hates it but I've never had an object call, "PATTY BRING ME HOME"
louder than this right hereeeeeee~~~ woohoo!!
and somehow I convinced him to hang it above his p.c. - *shrug*

 enjoying my xmas gifts =D
a lot of you have been asking about this phone..
I think she got it in korea?? it was a gift, so best of luck on google folks~~
they have other colors at urban outfitters.

 you can find some cute shops at the columbus circle gift stand.
"speaker genie" is pretty amazing. am getting it for bro-in-law. - it's much cooler in person, using a styrofoam box - so sick..

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

cherry red

 ooh. la la.


but christmas is the last thing on my mind!

I am totally the antithesis of fabulous - ate shake shack and broke out instantly.
panic + hub's sweats = can't wait until next month~
I'm afraid I have too many new ideas that I won't be able to manage.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

crunch time

I am in shock it's the week before christmas, and thursday already!
only one month left to show my line.

no sneaking off nonsense

Monday, December 19, 2011

selena's tights

I want selena's tights to wear with my new suede boots.

such a cute "merry xmas!"

I don't know whether to be a fan.. or wish I had an adorable daughter like her..
teen stars when you're not a teen anymore is awkward. =/


squeezed in some work over the weekend..
what my studio looked like after the tea party and xmas gift exchange.

inside our tea party

we've been planning a girls' tea party at my place for a while now,
and we managed a little get together on saturday.
it was so fun to catch up, hopefully it will become tradition.

thank you hyun min for the beautiful flowers

 my tea sandwiches, and grace's home baked cupcakes

a petite reunion~

 bora's homemade empanadas and the most popular dish du jour, her pasta salad,
which is full of tasty "secret recipes" that set my tongue on fire~

I made small tea/christmas themed goodie bags

I didn't have enough mugs, so I got the cat mug for $2.99 @ t.j.maxx the morning of

connie's scrumptious salmon and egg salad bites
we are also wearing the same sweater~

many hours later, tea time turned into wine and cheese night

then the hubs & I went to our annual secret santa @ dave's place after.
the boys played poker, we drank and were merry~
aaand I got my underwater video stolen in the traditional game of white elephant.
.. would've been perfect for our honeymoon~