Thursday, December 15, 2011

inside my chanel maxi

just kidding again~ my canvas "chanel" tote by thursday friday.
(if you recall my june 30th, "inside my birkin" post)

here it is the new family picture with her sister and mom in the background:
this tote is definitely a "carry all"~

 inside my bag: finishing up my xmas shopping, and mail~ 
(the ladies at sephora already loved the bag!)
I know the weekend is near when netflix arrives :D

and gotta love the streets of soho~ for just $25:
I've been looking at these $260 dolce & gabanna sunglasses for weeks,
but they just don't sit on my tiny korean nose. thank god for $5 knock offs!!
and I've always had a thing for gun necklaces - years later, found a pretty one on the street for $20.

xoxo - your cat lady

 can I get these too?.......... :X


  1. You should get all of them! :)

  2. good way to get it out of your system!!

  3. would it be a cute diaper bag? nadooo!

  4. hi! where on ebay are you finding these bags?

  5. I didnt check eBay, I got it at dash in soho nyc

  6. At the Kardashians store?? Oh no~ lol (its bopunk btw)