Wednesday, December 14, 2011

my routine

clemence said: please do a post on your beauty and skincare routine! also hair!

hi! besides your usual face lotion and eye cream, I use these 2 products beforehand:
I concern a lot of people when they see my routine, and now that I'm getting older,
I have to listen to the experts!!

so my friend, jasmine, from shiseido gave me this serum. (the bottle is so pretty too)
and my mom, who's skin is glowing at her age, gave me a pack of these vitamin c drops.

this is the only LA MER product I own.
nancy gave me the lip balm for xmas one year, and it is the best.
I smack some on in the morning, and it lasts all day.
I tried my husband's chap stick a few times and it's gross and doesn't compare!!


I like to shower at night before bed, and let my hair basically dry as I sleep.
in doing so, I wake up with major bed head, and good volume.
problem is, you actually look like you haven't showered, because your hair is knotty.


so I hit it with the curler - mine is conair, 1.5" - to smooth the ends!
trim your hair often if you do this, because it's not healthy for your hair.

I have a beautiful and elegant friend, who looks bad with volume,
so she tries to keep it flat on top, straight at the ends and just below shoulder length.
experiment and find what works for you~ =)


I usually focus on my eyes + because I got my eyelashes done for the engagement shoot,
I haven't been wearing much additional makeup since - they last several weeks.
I think long lashes make the biggest difference~~
when I go out out, I'll still wear some eyeliner on the ends.

it's been so refreshing to let my skin breathe the last month~
but before I leave the apt, I put on concealer under my eyes.
L'Oreal true match, I just picked it up from duane reade.

what I found ironically the most dramatic, is a little touch of lip gloss goes a long way!
this is especially true for winter, or if you are going light on the eyes.
I love/hate my givenchy lip gloss. I love the application.
I hate how it oozes when it's closed. dangerous for throwing in your purse.
will be getting a different brand when I'm done with it.


  1. ill have to try the lamer~ i apply my burts bees literally every 5 min cuz it goes away!

  2. I have mostly stuck to Clarins skin care products, but I recently discovered Super+ Bright Eyed and can't live without it now. It's pretty $$$, but you don't need a lot, so I've been using it for months. I noticed a huge difference after about 3 weeks.

  3. that's funny because my mom gave me a bottle of the vitamin C drops the exact same one and i love it, the smell and how smooth it makes my skin.