Thursday, September 30, 2010


my most recent family :) @ marchesa.. lots of love girls*

on the rooftop waterbeds in meatpacking

and then there was one more B)
strolling around st. marks place

..and then there was one less <3

snowboarding season

can't. wait.


carry yourself like a queen and you'll attract a king

after watching sebastian seung's ted lecture,
many thoughts crossed my mind. yeup - from neuroscience to fashion/art blog related

I had to watch some parts over to follow his talk, because I got distracted by his charm..
(well, if you're into geeks like I am, okay?)

I've been having a lot of chats with girlfriends these days,
and it boggles my mind how many girls have a misconception of appearing sexy.
I still agree, confidence is the hottest outfit.
and ambition is like a HOT pair of shoes.

design god

my friend reminded me of the days I used to want to be an interior designer..
that is definitely no longer a dream of mine, but I still admire the great,
Philippe Starck

and there are a ton of chairs I love of his not in these images..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tell me more tell me more

been going to a lot of bookstores these days..
some recs: 192 books, kinokuniya, printed matter, strand
mostly art books.. but currently reading: superfreakonomics and the weight of glory
I wish there were more hours in a day... because I love to play too

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

long distance

"I feel like a teenager again"

DiY - quickie

I had 30 mins to make something quick for you guys
easiest thing ever. go to a trim store and buy leather strips by the yardage
and mold into a belt. voila.

only boring people get bored

my friend just emailed me "are you bored?" with an article attachment
(maybe my life has enough interesting influences such as now)

because no, I am never bored.. ever..
... unless someone traps me somewhere I don't want to be..

reminds me to share:

ok, sorry it wasn't a fashion post

mo money mo problems

a friend left the last image on gracay's facebook page and I thought it was funny

weekends together

we were all once in nyc. became best friends..
and currently spread out in cali, korea and boston.
it's driving me nuts :( I miss them so much~

fun times from our last nyc reunion earlier this year
but my friend just reminded me we are OFF TO MIAMI!!!
in less than 2 weeks!!! Part 2~~~*

Monday, September 27, 2010


went to "research" midtown
(I was more attracted to the cake in bergdorf's window than the looks)

I love the h&m metallic leather skirt! but. you can't sit in it :( 
I replaced my favorite leather shorts with my new favorite leather tights!
only the thigh part is leather. so you have the comfort of leggings~
umm.. studies show, you may get phone calls the next day...

count chocula

I must say, I have never laughed this hard for perhaps years.
I cried, my stomach hurt, oh yeah, beer burst out of my mouth onto my hands and hair
thank you "robert" and "helen" and 'kim gee ky' - to being immature at any age

tip: need a game rule? loser gets their smart phone hacked for 3 mins

cat lady

yes, I am obsessed with cats, and this image is truly beautiful..

oops, I saw that korean model on the street today, but I forgot her name...


I googled "smart fashion editorial" and this was the first image
I was expecting something geekier but I love it

man, it takes more than ten hot male models to outshine lara stone
she is the man.

looking to the heavens

I never thought I would say this, but I miss RISD


a last nameless friend took me to the last day of the art festival in dumbo brooklyn

Sunday, September 26, 2010


today is compassion sunday

yes, there are actually bigger things to life - than fashion
just because today is compassion sunday, you can sponsor a child any day
only $1 a day and this organization uses the most dollar for their cause

I can't ever forget the day I saw Andi's photo and completely fell in love~ :)
they have a great pen pal program.. he rides his bike and loves paper airplanes
I hope to see him one day

just think: how come we don't think twice about a $30 meal?
or how easily do we swipe our card for a $60 sweater?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


how I'm living life right now..
it is what it is~~~~~

and I want more. If it is something you can want.

(courtesy of my friend J's tattoo)

skipping check in

(pictures from early spring at ace)

went hotel hopping yesterday.. swung by the ace hotel during the day
I wanted to grab a drink but went straight to opening ceremony there.
everything from candy, laduree post its, to fur skirts and velvet wrapped headbands..
(got some diy ideas there)
and cooper square hotel at night for drinks and new friends