Wednesday, September 8, 2010


after I started working in the industry - I don't usually buy fashion magazines,
because it stopped being leisure...
now, the moment I see clothes, my brain starts spinning and it's "at work"..

but I couldn't resist.
Miranda Kerr (my absolute fave celeb! she's even cuter in person.) in 3D
for 20 bucks? aite, something new

JEEZ it was so heavy! like, 5 september issues heavy.. thank god I drive...

the spreads are quite nice... get it, I won't give it away here..
I was surprised how much more "depth" photos have in 3D, especially of dresses

wonder where the future of computers are...

anyway, my night continued to be italia filled
a new friend took me to inoteca on 23rd st - really great tapas and atmosphere!
and got a peak of eataly in flat iron - omg, food heaven... and it is huge

fashion week - models everywhere in manhattan!
the one week of the year I love people watching :)

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