Sunday, October 30, 2011

hangover 2

since we just got married, it was ironically appropriate for my hubby to do hangover 2
here's his halloween costume:


 after - tattoo by yours truly :)

and then we ran into mr. chow at the party~

in a barbie world

I youtubed a barbie makeup tutorial,
and it was actually my first time wearing colored eye shadow.
I learned if you put concealer all around your lips, you can get a doll lip look.
(ick, I don't like how I look with too much makeup actually..)

ran to duane reade the day of~

everyone came over our apartment to pregame.
I met my hubby at harry's birthday party a year ago!
aww, I knew him since he was actually short..

in the elevator - I didn't need a jacket in the snowy weather because I was so fully protected!

my fave girls~ as tweedle dee and tweedle dum

it was jumpin at yotel!!

I was actually able to dance, eat and drink in this box~ haha

 but you know it's a good time when the box comes off!!

happy halloween~

tuscan platter

(my photo from our one year anniversary breakfast)

I've been eating less carbs because it causes more back pain..
I guess I miss it a LOT because I had 3 dreams about BREAD last night.
dripping in olive oil... and black olives.. and all sorts of flavors..
in one dream, I even cried because I couldn't get my bread~~
(the upside is I shed 5+ lbs like *that*!)

anywho, I can't stand this craving!!
so we are going to have our usual - tuscan platter at la pain quotidien.
it's for 2, but I've been getting it for myself these days..
SO EXCITED!!! with mint lemonade ;D

Friday, October 28, 2011

bio of the week - weddingbee

fun~ they liked our save the dates, and we were featured as bio of the week :D
(so I added the badge on the right side)

mr. & mrs. - city hall!!!!

It was better and happier than I ever thought a legal marriage could be!!!
I think all weddings should be like this - everything else is stripped away,
and marriage - is so pure.


hubby & wife!!

waiting for our number
whole foods made a beautiful fall bouquet! who knew~ haha

joint checking?!?!? (shout out to roger)

more waiting.. :)

my something blue (on the other ear)

okay!! while we wait - we shall do a bouquet toss for the single ladies~
can you guess who "doesn't believe in marriage",
and who "wants to get married right now"??

 congrats!!! hahaha...

 impromptu bridesmaids hair

thank you to my sister and pattie for coming at such last min notice!!
love love love love you guys~~*

it's SEALED.

woohoo~~ so so so happy

 ah... romance..

 more romance in the "wedding garden".. :)
I thought I wouldn't have any outdoor wedding related photos,
so I am thrilled to have a couple~

 in the subway - it was so much faster than the cab!!

on the phone - "we're married you guyssss~~~"

getting ready!

we've been meaning to make it legal since we moved in together at the beginning of the year,
but because city hall is only open during work hours, it was difficult to make time.

however, it was really spontaneous and we finally made it there today!!
I knew this day would be random, so I've been preparing~~

P for Patricia and H for Hank

I got this h&m dress a few months back! ($35)

I added some beautiful lace, for a vintage look, and hide the seams ($15)

my something borrowed - pattie's earring, my twin and bridesmaid

this card from my sister depicts what a short notice we gave her!! :P

I've never seen my fiance as handsome as he looked today!!

in the elevator - we're on our way!! =D

tres new york~~~~ (spy anything on the cab? classy~~ haha)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

what to wear - accessorize LBD

Maryann has left a new comment on your post "cat in a hat":

Hey Trish,
Question!!! Advice!!
I don't have the time to shop for a dress to wear at a wedding this coming Saturday.
What I have in my wardrobe right now is a plain black strapless dress knee length.
How can I accessorize to jazz things up. Hope you can help! 

hi maryann - the little black dress!!
I have a plan B black dress that I've worn 50 times, with different accessories.
there are so many ways to wear it, let's see how some celebs/runways have worked it.
I've also selected aldo shoes, and j.crew jewelry, as examples - for their easy access.

sexy nude shoes, and a simple bracelet - she is really letting her face and body shine.
nude shoes really extend your legs - especially if your dress is knee length.
for this look, I'd jazz up the nude pump, assuming your dress is not sequin like angelina's.
(I think I want to get that last aldo shoe! miu miu-esque)

classic black on black - but what I like about their black shoes,
is that they are breaking up the solid blacks

 the up do - shoulders are sexy~~
do all your drama in the hair with nude lips

j.crew's sexy and nude color necklaces

 if you are busty like kim, you can ditch the necklace and go bold with earrings.
or I'm sure any belt in your closet will be a fun accent, like khloe's.
a clutch is ideal for weddings and parties.

or try wearing a bright color on your lips with soft hair and bling on your wrists

and be inspired to try something out of the ordinary~~ :)
hope you have a fun time at the wedding~ thanks for asking!