Wednesday, February 29, 2012

my leap year morning

I am very embarrassed to say, I was the first person on line this morning.
(I was actually second, but that's because I was hiding in a cafe reading until the "first" person came)

but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do for her favorite designer~
(please, givenchy.. do not do this to me with h&m or I'll poke my eyeballs out!)

thank god I had first dibs because they only had a tiny rack~~
can you see it? they had only one of each size! eek~

everyone was only allowed to buy one thing,
and I don't know why I'm smiling because these were the ones I had to leave behind :(
oh well, the one on the left would have been a cute birthday dress & the right one for the honeymoon~
which one did I get? you'll find out~~

.. after that, I headed straight to mickey d's for some breakfast!

oh and here's the free canvas tote they give you~ a good way to welcome spring

 and the rest of my online order came yesterday evening. mary-ed out!!!

my dream decor

a day like this really does come once every 4 years ;)
(the rest of my day was far less enchanting.. sketching & accounting..)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DiY - marni for h&m, collar

1 of 2 of my mary kat for topshop packages arrived!! :D
thank god I stumbled on the website that morning,
because I found out topshop is only letting customers purchase 1 item in their soho store :/

 next collab?? marni for h&m~
unlike the topshop collection, this collection will be much more affordable~

however, I don't think I can let myself go through the headache of trying to get my hands on it.
...solution - a DiY!!

my fave piece was their collar, that gave the finishing touch to the styling:

here's how:
 I used a fun, sparkly scrap fabric from my collection.
I placed a choker necklace on top to outline the neckline.

 I cut out half of the pattern in the collar shape.

 next, I went in and outlined half the neckline, following the choker.

 it's hard to see, but I folded the shape, so I can trace it exactly in half.

 what the pattern looks like flat
this fabric is great because I don't need to sew the edges.
otherwise, you may need to make two of these and sew the edges closed.

hand sew on grois grain ribbon to finish it up

I want to make it in white and a few more colors~
but I totally procrastinated the accounting work I need to do today to make this...
so they will have to wait~~~

Monday, February 27, 2012

the ending to a perfect weekend

wearing my new haltson sweater and chloe pants~ :D
which I snagged for a ridiculous price at the net-a-porter friends and family sale (ty ck!!)
amongst other things - including louboutins for $125 and cute marni shoes they threw in~
we've been planning an oyster date for months, and finally got around to it!
we were by wholefoods so we swung by. boy!, do they have the freshest, meatiest oysters!!


the weekend started with a spa date in tribecca~ and a fabulous dinner at Marea~*
courtesy of jen & davy! (who gave me that happy cat plate in the last photo ^.^)
240 Central Park South

also, new brunch spot: locanda verde - really good steak tartare & lemon pancakes~
377 Greenwich Street

can you believe I squeezed in dos caminos for a chips & cocktails date with the hubs,
675 Hudson Street
and lobster place for lunch all in the same day in meatpacking??

it still amazes me all that new york has to offer. the discoveries never end :)

since this is turning into a food post, socarrat for dparoi's bday treat to me the other night.
I do not lie, everything we ordered there was perfect, paella bar
 259 West 19th Street

Friday, February 24, 2012

engagement shoot

yay~ finally got the photos today
with the love of my life :) from nov 20th 2011

  Big Cake Photography

here are more from the day of that bora took with our camera: