Wednesday, February 15, 2012

peony lim - in real life

I'm happy to say I had several meetings today, and my rack is nearly bare~
because my collection has been scattered here and there :)

I re-introduce.. fashion blogger, peony lim~
 late night meeting at her hotel.
we chatted for so much longer than I expected~ and it was so much fun*

where to start...
saying "she is the sweetest, charming, little thing you'll ever meet" is an understatement!
it's people like her that make my side of the business a pleasure doing

her latest photos from fashion week:
look at that face!! she is even more stunning in person

interviewing with joan for fashion police :P

now that. is a flawless pose~

and one of my fave photos of her from my previous blog entries: peony in mickey shades


  1. O.M.G!!! I just stumbled upon your fab blog bc i'm obsessed over BRAD!!

    i just spent the last 2 hrs over your blog and what a glamorous life you have. sosososo envious :) hope you go BIG!!!

  2. oooh you two are such beauuuutiful women. peony...what a lovely lady~
    and super congrats on an empty-rack! I'm totally on the lookout to see your stuff on other blogs/bloggers :)