Friday, October 29, 2010

look of the day

I bumped into most of you in my new $40 print jacket last night
I hate companies like H&M and Topshop
because they can afford to produce decent pieces for really cheap.
jk, love them. bad for aspiring young designers...
save $$ on the bit of fun and mix & match with classic investment staples.


belated miami pics
bye bye.
miss you girls!! part 2.5 coming in 1 week!

double take

I keep seeing this commercial and I was excited to see Iman in Marchesa
wow, this dress from Spring 2010 is still popular!
sorry stars, I will have to say, designer Georgina Chapman wore it best.
She has the perfect body/hair, ethereal, yet strong look for this dress.

omg.. a scary looking knock off..
it's funny to imagine someone copying the flowers I originally drew!

you're the dormouse of my dreams

the first page of a book I made as a graphic design student..

how would you continue the rest of this sentence?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I like them fast girls

who like them fast cars
who rather sell it to ya
than ask for more tomorrow