Thursday, June 30, 2011

a piglet tale

when my cousin told me she's coming to ny to go to city hall,
I couldn't contain myself from making it something special~

so I made her a dress fit for the occasion.
before (we went to h&m)

after - super casual, young & fun
(I only had one evening to make it~)

 when dennis surprised her with the rings
... it was one of the sweetest moments I've witnessed!!

cute pictures time~~ =P

I couldn't believe balloon saloon, downtown, had a piglet balloon~
(her nickname is piglet)
the green/white flowers are a good balance for the pink theme

on the brooklyn bridge with my baby cousin =)

I can't wait for your "real" wedding!

with my sister nearby in chinatown - we have the best childhood memories~ :)
and now we're all grown up! cheers to new beginnings~

inside my birkin

just kidding!! my canvas "birkin" tote.

 here's my teal one - perfect for those summer days

I also got it in red & gray, but I want to get every color that exists~
especially before the fad comes to the states (from asia) and I get sick of it!!

just like real birkins, there's a waiting list for these too.
I got mine on ebay, but takes about a month..?
hey~ I say, better than one 10K+ bag... =T
I think this is the same color as my dec 2 "bir kim" post :)

inside my bag, I'm a fairly simple gal
I use my phone to jot down notes of creative ideas
and it dubs as my camera

bora got me this eyeliner. it's liquid and super precise.
I'll probably stick with this brand forever - by LORAC.

I got this day runner because it's disguised as an old book. :)
I rely on it so much, I never confirm plans without it~
and the sticker is from the wish come true park (june 13 post)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


to chinatown - 2 days in a row

slumber partay

we got the couch for you sis


this is my new "positano", fantasy dream destination...

a couple islands down in Indonesia lives my sponsor child, Andi, from Compassion.
though we never met, we write letters and I truly love him.
look at his pose~ he's grown a lot since 3 years ago~
it would be an amazing experience if I can meet him!!!
please sponsor a child today - only a dollar a day~
click here: Compassion


I can't wait to find out where I'll be living in september!! (our lease is up soon)
I've been put on decorating hold until we know what our space will look like

a humungous mansion of an apartment in manhattan........
what I would give to live here!!

rekindling lacroix

back in the xanga days.. lacroix was all over my blog as my favorite designer.
he is absolutely the master of combinations, and is so versatile with his silhouettes

 this was the look/moment when I fell in love with high fashion
it opened my eyes to my love of textures and color combinations

 love the white bit on the sleeves

 such soft, vintage texture on top with unexpected bold tights

 super super fierce

 I would never imagine sending this down the runway.
he is ridiculous! I love it his madness

there is such a story to all his pieces..
she looks like the unsuspecting beauty of a pirate ship

I love his love for bows

 this used to be one of my favorite looks for it's colors

 the runway is well considered of his looks

how did he imagine putting all these prints in one look? 

I adore this top

 simply magical...

I want that arm piece!!

looks like a predecessor to miu miu's infamous fall collection

he never fails to inspire