Monday, June 13, 2011

wish come true

happened to walk by kleinfeld with my newly engaged bestie~*

 we were so excited it finally opened~* ready for some summa fun!
(you can go inside all the mushrooms and jump around)

 with our new matching totes =P

 all the spring flowers are dying... @ highline section 2

 with my goodies at the new beer garden - testing if it floats

 matches my usb

we got stickers from the park - our bathroom door is now cutified!

I didn't want to step in the mud from the rain.. @ big apple bbq~ (fail)

bumped into the newly wed, jjho, later that night for dessert! ideal summer day :)


  1. haha it's on your bathroom door!!! clever~
    love the last pic of u!!!

  2. wait, did u actually put that IN the beer?

  3. Hello, I typed in Kleinfeld fashion on google, and going through some sites, I ended up on your blog (which is great btw!). I just wanted to ask, where is this "mushroom land" place??

    This is very cute and you seem very talented. XO

  4. ditto to the above comment! where is this magical stripe land!?