Tuesday, January 31, 2012

it's a bird! it's a plane!

"flying people weird out new york city"
just watched this beautiful video on the awesomer.com

remote planes

I sort of feel like this right now :) free~~~~~
... but very controlled.

Monday, January 30, 2012


 it's live~ stayed up all night making this.. o.O
thanks to jjho for the squarespace rec~


there are some behind the scenes photos on there too:

....now can I squeeze in some rest??
nope.. sales and pr and spring development and wedding planning time!!!!


debuting.... for the first time, here :)
I was so lucky to have li ming geh, because she makes my clothes look 50000x more rich <3
can you spot coco's fur?

please pass along, repost, anything to help! xoxo

Saturday, January 28, 2012

skincare highlight: philosophy

there's hope!!!!

so I gave my face lotion to my sister, and decided to make a trip to sephora.
I also decided, to start really caring~~ no more cvs brands~
finding the right product will do the trick: I'm obsessed!

I have dry skin.. I never thought my face will feel like a baby's butt at this age..
but that was because I never tried this:
it's so thick it's hard, you have to melt it with your fingers.
instantly, it's like a drink of water for you skin and it's so soft.
even when I wash my face in the morning, I sometimes forget to reapply because it lasts.
with other products, my face would feel tight and dry after washing.
however, if you're not as dry as me, just try the normal hope lotion.

the second standard thing to get is eye cream.
this one is supposed to get rid of dark spots (for me)
and I dab it on hank too for getting rid of puffiness. it also helps prevent wrinkles.
 just a tiny squirt will do the trick~

for me, I have sun spots and broken capillaries.
I'll look into laser for the latter, but I'm hoping this will work for the freckles~
this box includes a dark spot corrector/brightener cream,
and retinoid pads for that extra boost.

then I got some free samples:
kelli @ columbus circle location is really lovely, please look for her if you can~

serum - she told me to wait a bit before trying,
so as to not overwhelm my skin with too many new products

 she was able to try this on me at the store because I came in bare faced.
my skin started peeling right away for two days, and it's gentle and fresh!
it's so easy to use and you just wipe the pad on your face and let it stay for just a few mins.
you don't turn red or anything like that.

can't forget a good cleanser~
I'm waiting to finish my current naive japanese brand before I try the sample.
she says this one is so good that you don't even need toner afterwards.
I'm excited to run out~

I know some of you have been asking for skin care so hope this helps*~*

diamond in a diamond

who's says it needs to come in a square box? :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

spring 2012 couture

I only have time to look up one show right now,
so of course it's going to be givenchy

 I don't know that I like the lips, but love the earrings with it!

I was really glad they moved on from the sheer looks.

but really? first the antler necklace and now the suspender..
I literally just planned on doing unusual suspenders for spring
maybe I still will~~ they are just on such a different level, I can't compare anyway

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


katy baze make up

many of you have asked for make up artist info
as you can see, she does amazing asian make up!
li ming and kate have met and worked together for lanvin for years,

not only does she work so hard, but she is so lovely to be around!
I was so lucky to have her~~ thank you kb!!

photo shoot prep

my assistant julia packing coco for moral support

in my parents' mini van on the way there~~~ :D D-DAY

it's li ming geh bitches~~

+ christine photog + kate b make up

the most amazing team ever~ made my shoot so fun! we were dancing
not only are they the most talented you can get, but to make it more annoying,
is that they are the sweetest people you'll ever meet in the fashion industry, or LIFE.

it's days like this I feel blessed and know only God can put a day like this together.
I promise to give back all that is in my power.

sneak peak images to come!!
my iphone pics don't do justice, so just hold tight for a tiny bit!!!

words can't express how I feel right now.. and special special thanks,
to my life partner, who is also my business partner and made this all possible,
my hubz hank <3 thank you thank you

I was so unsure about everything, and insecure...
but after today, I can sleep in peace.. I lived my dream even if my life ended today. haha..
and of course, thanks to my followers for all the encouragement!! xoxo

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


hi~ are you guys happy I'm backkk??? I hope so~ because I have a lot of updates
to come tomorrowish~~

I want to go back to vegas~ was there for nancy's bachelorette!
it was my first one and it was pretty perfect.. xoxo

... still in party mode.. the hubs came home late from work and is going to bed..
but I have to stay up and finish my line~~!!
can't believe I did the entire collection by myself~~ wish me luck**

Thursday, January 19, 2012

girls weekend

hey guys! I'm going away on a girls' trip this weekend.

I can't work so I might as well not think about it and relax~~
it'll be tons of fun - I can't wait to reunite with my besties!!

I'll be back on my blog monday :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

purple haze

my label samples arrived and it feels real now :)
I've never gotten over a 100 *likes* on facebook~ I was expecting 4 or so!
and now I'm really nervous!! I don't want to let anyone down..

funny thing is, I've been so busy that I haven't been talking about my work,
and my closest friends and family don't even really know what I do~
I can't wait to reveal it already so all the hours can be worth it..

eek! so much to do and less than a week left so I need to get back to work..
thanks for the all support - xoxoxoxoxo

so out of it... rinsed my paint brush in my cup and forgot and drank the water..
million things on my mind~!!