Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012, D-YEAR!!

we threw a party at our place for hank's friends who were in town~
to celebrate the most epic year (at least it will be for me :P) to come!!

since this is after all a fashion blog, may I add..
even though it's my own home, it's still NYE and I already have a dress~
so I made a simple rule for the boys - no suit, no party!
  haha, they looked so adorable when they came~ and props to everyone for coming early*

you could see the crowd spilling into our street from the window~
 in just a year, these guys have become like brothers to me..
love all around to my "extended family"~*~*


  1. what cute pics!
    looks like you had a splendid new year's, YAY :D
    2012...let's go hard! bbashaaa~