Wednesday, January 25, 2012

photo shoot prep

my assistant julia packing coco for moral support

in my parents' mini van on the way there~~~ :D D-DAY

it's li ming geh bitches~~

+ christine photog + kate b make up

the most amazing team ever~ made my shoot so fun! we were dancing
not only are they the most talented you can get, but to make it more annoying,
is that they are the sweetest people you'll ever meet in the fashion industry, or LIFE.

it's days like this I feel blessed and know only God can put a day like this together.
I promise to give back all that is in my power.

sneak peak images to come!!
my iphone pics don't do justice, so just hold tight for a tiny bit!!!

words can't express how I feel right now.. and special special thanks,
to my life partner, who is also my business partner and made this all possible,
my hubz hank <3 thank you thank you

I was so unsure about everything, and insecure...
but after today, I can sleep in peace.. I lived my dream even if my life ended today. haha..
and of course, thanks to my followers for all the encouragement!! xoxo


  1. aww.. i cant wait for your collection!! i hope i can afford it.. from the sneak peak picture.. i know it'll be amazing..

  2. can't wait to see it!!

  3. please show us!!!! :)

  4. Patty! That last picture is adorbs! I am so proud and excited for you!

  5. SO excited as a follower!

  6. ...and a fashion lover :)

  7. ahhh...super exciting! so happy for you. cheers to the best of everything!

  8. AHHH PATRICIA UNNIEEE!!!!!! I'm so EXCITED AND HAPPY FOR YOU lashdflshjfioalsdkflsd omgsh... all your hard work and patience and drive and experience is gonna pay off BEAUTIFULLY WAHH!!! Can't wait to see your collection...gosh you're such an inspiration!! So thankful that you take the time to post your progress and thoughts.. thanks for giving us a glimpse into your blessed life!! Truly inspiring :D :D :D