Tuesday, August 31, 2010

subtle statements

it's 95* outside, but I dress like it's fall because the a.c. in our office is BUMPIN
so, please forgive me for being so attracted to this look right now...

#$%!!  I can't take my eyes off her...
hmm.. nothing "new" here.. I think her simple ponytail keeps it easy and fresh

p.s. for my closet fashion freaks
she's wearing multiple statement pieces that would make any girl feel self conscious
but yo, as long as you feel confident - it becomes you
tip: transition your style by adding bolder pieces you want - to plain white tees


I'm actually really enjoying work right now.. even.. excited
... but I always want to go away to another land.. always.
paris and geneva

I need to post my europe photos before they get actually too old..
here are some.. I'll post them in bits so I save them for future posts


scraps.. absolutely brilliant
these must have been so fun to make!

don't they just put a smile on your face?
(my sister)

I think london completely won my heart.
the city has incredible charm and personality.
their LV store on bond street blows their Champs Elysees store in Paris away.
the interior is like a museum experience, you forget you are there to shop
and everything is moving! like the LV planets below

their first exhibit. that was cool actually..

Monday, August 30, 2010

happy birthday

little "w" is here!
hello fashion world

socks solution

say the title fast ten times

I have all these summer shoes I still want to wear..
my coworker, queen of socks, told me today, no worries! wear them with socks

I'm liking Marni's look for this brilliant solution.
all that crystals and lace say you are trying too hard.

couch potato

on days I come home after work... I have so much to do!
.... like organizing, and diy posts....

...but I just feel like turning on the tv and bumming

I somehow ended up getting sucked into another show season..
I feel like a show-whore
who am I kidding, I can't say no

2 more weeks til fashion week!!!


I can't find one thing I don't like about her.
(alright~~.... besides the obvious..)

I miss being obsessed with her... my collection. oops!
considering I have absolutely no interest in pop culture - this means - a lot.

how gorgeous is she in the 3rd picture?!

my real hobby

you don't know how thrilled I am about my car wash last night..
It was more exciting by a thousand times than who wore what to the emmys,
when I said to the carwash man, "whichever package cleans the rims"

(so clean! they were black before..)
my baby, Rexy
she's 6 speed manual transmission. turbo charged

most girls out there, fashion is her hobby.
for me, its my career, and something I know is my best way of making that green.

meet my real hobby. driving
move over tea time, pretty dresses, 6" heels, and paris all together.
my good friends know I'd rather listen to you talk about 700 horse power,
....or buffalo wings... but I digress...

the best part of my day, no matter how hot my date was,
is driving to work, and driving home on the west side highway.
hands down. with the windows down.

the R8 has been my love for a while now.. been on the search for a new #1..
but.. it's simply, perfect...

do we need to tie this into my blog theme?
some jeff koons for ya

the nyc autoshow was such a fun day...

I didn't expect to see infinity's concept car which I've been stalking - the essence

not all ferraris need be red.. *whistle*....
(though I think I prefer lambos altogether...)

my current interest - shelbys
american is not really my style, but I got really turned on when it burned me on the road.
I want it.
...more than a jumbo chanel bag. in red.