Tuesday, August 17, 2010

chihuly moly

today I strolled around meatpacking in nyc and got a lot of future post ideas

but my gfs and I ended the night for cocktails @ the beautiful mandarin oriental hotel
(thanks for the choco strawberries and chicken lollipops hookup! :9)
I was glad to sit by my favorite glass artist Dale Chihuly's piece
in the lobby lounge on the 35th floor with the amazing view of new york

I am mad about his organic forms from nature, eye for texture,
but mostly his superb taste for color combinations

the three very things I love in fashion and how fabric is used

eye. candy.
i get excited every time.


  1. omg.. when they had the exhibit at the botanical garden 4-5 years back.. it was awesome!

  2. AND we saw a lot together when we went to bahamas~ remember? :D

    yeah the exhibit was one of the most memorable times for me - glad I went with my mom :)