Sunday, August 22, 2010

two face

(this post goes against my previous post, but I got it before I read the article)

when I am making the prettiest dresses in the world at Marchesa as a career.....
... you need to pump out a dino to get "ugly" out of your system..
there needs to be a certain balance in life.. haha

ok. if I am in soho, I will stop by kidrobot 99% of the time
welcome to my world.

wth? are you serious - "not for ages 15 and under".

before.. after..

meet Two Face (I only did his left half.)

I don't know if he's finished - I wanted to put chrome on him.. but must go to bed.
This should hold me over to pump out pretty dresses for a few more days..

1 comment:

  1. wait, u painted him the blue color? ooh i likee!! and what r those froggy donuts?? too cuteeee
    guess who this is.. lol