Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I love great style!

whether on the beach..

or pregnant..~
she is such a cool preggers~~*
I can't wait! ...no, I actually can

I always throw "style" away for comfort. no mas.


the Bowerbird is a true artist, each with it's own style
they collect beauty and carefully consider when creating nests to attract females.


Monday, November 29, 2010

making a wish list

..and checking them off before I hand it off.. oops~*

shopping is more fun when you can afford all the furry things you want!!
.. but it was still fun

fact: woodbury commons is the only chanel outlet in the world.
it sucks though....

cat bed

speaking of cat beds, I just snapped this with my phone.
I placed her on the desk so she can watch me blog

... or pass out...

some other pics when I first got the sweetest octo bed.

apparently, bucky is too man to sleep in these beds.
which is why my blog is not named after him. duh


all this traveling is making me realize I need a new suitcase.
mine exploded.. anyway, I love these vintagey ones!

oh wow! I am totally going to make a cat bed. one day.
for coco and bucky  >'.'<

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"behold! the magical headphone worship"

what a relaxing and fun "family" filled weekend getaway~*
wayy too short, and way too much seafood~ yum..

fyi - if you need crazy laughter, play scribblish!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010


welcome to the world lydia park!
it's going to be fun times

I'm so excited I can finally meet you~*


aite, time to stop blogging and start packing


dress look familiar? =o) represent miley~!

I need to read more magazines

..because I am so out of the loop!
how have I not heard of the rose gold, brown diamonds,
collier de chien by hermes?!

at 100-200K a pop
they make the leather versions "seem" reasonable~
the hard part is picking a color..

black friday

baked some black goodies instead of shopping =T
(maybe monday??)

I know, I'm a cupcake person...
but my baby likes chocolates, so I tried some mini brownies

can you see the rose? this is my pan~

williams-sonoma have amazing cakelet pans~
... enough to get me to use a kitchen!

speaking of cupcakes.. mmm, I love leftover thanksgiving food~~*

what had happened was

I don't follow korean pop culture,
but I came across this gorgeous actress! han chae young
I honestly don't think she has a "memorable" face..
not particularly "interesting", but definitely hot~~*

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

spontaneous date night

on my way, hun =o)

it's coming


thank you again, babe~* it's going to be SO cute!!


ah, the 25th. a day of thanks.
except I'm thankful every 25th.

aww, thank you for the early surprise presents babe!!