Saturday, March 31, 2012

m o u s e

 so giddy!
so ready for a road trip

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Friday, March 30, 2012

palm trees

what I would do to have this look in my suitcase~

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ladies only

girls trip~~~ off to see pretty sites!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

my delightful bridal shower!

ok. first you need to understand, while girls dream of their wedding day..
I dream about my bridal shower!!!

anyhow, I've been planning this day forever~
only recently, did it dawn on me that I am not "allowed" to plan~~ *faint*

my poor bridesmaids, so much pressure!
but oh mannnnnn, they planned an even better shower than I would have for myself!
let the photos show for themselves that my best friends and sister RULE!!!

I love my bridesmaids!!!!!! thank yOUUUUUU~~~~

 bottomless champagne which gihee made sure I had throughout the soiree ;)

 (my small contribution - alice in wonderland signage)
the girls woke up at 6am to start cooking~

my mary dress looks like I took the vase straight off this table and wore it :P
playing with my lomo camera for the first time~ hope it works!

 the ladies who made it all happen

memories collage~

one of the many games we played - the toilet paper dress game~ hahaha

I just can't get over how beyonddd perfect it all was..
Thank You!!! my face was in so much pain from all the laughing :)

fantastic cat veil

I think this cat veil needed it's own post.
I had a small heart attack when my best friend, bora surprised me with this!
I want to wear it 24/7~~~

it's even functional~ :P

it is the most thoughtful and sweetest thing a friend has ever made for me.
she stayed up all weekend making it!
I wish cherish it forever.

our wedding invites

haha, the bridesmaids blew up our invites as decor for my bridal shower~

clearly inspired the the alice in wonderland invitations.
I put my own personal twist on them~

my drawings: the girl cat is wearing lace bunny ears :)

the bride portrait with bucky and coco:

the groom celebrating portrait:

the girls at the party signing the "guest book" - a blow up of the back of the cards.

there was an exact moment when I got truly excited about the wedding.
it was when I saw all my closest friends on the guest list.
really great people, and I am so excited to celebrate with them!!