Thursday, March 8, 2012

marni for h&m

I was literally going for a jog (but then my chiro told me just now that's not good for me)
when I passed by H&M and decided to see if there was anything left.
they had nothing in the prints left. only mens' and these:

I really wish they had this is my size~~
I would've gotten it if it were cheaper in this large size..
 I liked this in the catalog, but unfortunately, you can't sit!!
the front is so stiff, when you sit, it looks ridiculous and balloony

but I did come home with something, and for my partner in crime as well.
 they actually had the one thing I wanted!! and in my size~
I got really really lucky - this will totally be my everyday fall jacket.

got the pants without trying it on; someone was returning one that was my size,
so I just took it when I was about to pay, but the shape is not flattering - returned!!


  1. I love all Marni for H&M collection! So perfect! xx

  2. Hi, did they have this in size 2? What size did you buy? Is it true to H&M sizing?

  3. Oops, I was referring to the jacket. Thanks!

  4. I got it in a size 2, I don't know what they have left, but it's fairly accurate sizing