Thursday, March 22, 2012

ink pad

our wedding venue was kind enough to give us free guest name cards.
however, the old graphic designer in me couldn't stand their template..
so I flipped them over and stamped the back side for a simple make over!

key word: "simple". not "quick"....

I knew I wanted a banner stamp for sure, and fill in the names inside.
then, I found this cute miniature spoon stamp! where I can write the table number on top.
guest name cards are never truly appreciated by guests,
so I don't think it is necessary to go overboard and spend money here.
but I am a firm believer that it's the small details that make the feel of the wedding,
especially away from the "tacky" side of things.
 my sister introduced me to the world of stamps. they are precious!!
I want them all :). this is on 13th & 8th ave. there's also a really cute shop in LES.


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