Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

prada roses in full bloom

the decor from the met ball.
I would do anything for the floral lips to decorate my future house~

I love these prada print chairs!

very uplifting, puts a smile on my lips :)
photos from vogue magazine.

Monday, June 25, 2012

emma stone for spiderman

kind of obsessed with this: beyond perfection
bravo to their stylists!!!

how cute that they are dating!!

custom portrait on etsy by cocotrish

hello, I got inspired by lily's request for a portrait,
so I put some up on etsy to be available:

here is our original inspiration:

happy shopping :)


Friday, June 22, 2012

bali - seawalker

 ok! my 3rd and final "must do" request~
walk on the bottom of the ocean!!

 here's our boat arriving at the location~

 there goes hank

I'm nervous at this point, because they said our ears will keep popping,
and I also have a fear of rocks and the underside of boats under water.

 but I was fine~ because of the helmet, you feel like you're looking at a giant aquarium
it feels safe, and everyone has a scuba diver looking after you

 teehee. dorks.
of course hank would get so much water in his helmet hah!

 there were some more really pretty tropical fish that I don't have photos of

 ta ta fishies~~~

st. regis, Bali

hey guys!!
so the 2nd of my 3 requests we do in Bali was to stay here~

because I saw they have this in your room~~
.. so I can do a lot of chillaxinnnn

peaceful ey?
 and a jet pool. sigh.. wish I was here again
I died.

 treats for the honeymoon suite - it was really yummy, can't go wrong with fondue

elephant towel! haha..
such a pretty hotel

breezy lobby

tea time at the regis - it was so pretty
 but it was a fail - the buffet was too soggy for Indonesia's climate

their food otherwise was great~

smoothies every breakfast. miss those *weep*


oysters. my achilles' heel

the resort - giant cabanas everywhere~ even a cabana swing!
yes - we tried them all~~ :P

my favorite part is their lagoon pool that felt MILES long~~
with so much to explore!! giant underwater chairs in a living room format

 I don't recommend riding the bike on the street outside the resort
they drive on the other side of the road, and it's really chaotic..

bali is less about the beach, and more about the pools.
but we hit up the beach since we are here~~~ woohoo!
all the shells hank collected - we brought them home :)
sunset~ night time post to come!