Friday, June 1, 2012


OMG!!! yesssssss~~~~~
I just conceived a new idea for my spring/summer 2013 collection!!

I've been slaving away and nearly designed all my looks for ss2013 already.
but I've been waiting for a true "AHA" moment, and of course, now it strikes me.
anywho - I'm excited and I hope I can pull it off - it is going to be a hit or miss for sure..
I will have to scrap everything I've been working on and save it for ss2014!!! gah~
I tried to blend it, but the ideas are too different..

I can't wait to reveal it~~~ but you will have to wait until sept~ =T
(and next sept for my original idea!!)
til then.. I will be.. "preggers" :P

I've been in such a dumpy/cranky mood because of this collection...
I think I will feel a lot less stressed/pressured. phew~...

happy weekend~ will be spending mine sketching away~~~~**
wish me luck!!!!!

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