Friday, September 30, 2011

DiY - ice ice baby bag

it's been a while since I posted a DiY!

WARNING: I regretted doing this DiY, except for the fact that I am a total slave to tedious projects
1. if I knew how long it would take, I may not have started.. it was too late when I realized this~~
2. you may, and probably will get burned

the finished product: charming sparkly treasure in time for the holidays.

to begin:
start with an accessory that has become "blah" in your closet.

you will need:
a heat setter for crystals with multiple size setters
(approximately $15 at your local bead store) 

3 or more sizes of iron on crystals
(these are NOT cheap. you can go fancy and get swarovski if it's worth that extra sparkle)

heat the stone in place until the glue melts on the back of the stone.
may take 7~30 seconds depending on the size of the stone.
you will know when it's ready when you start to see glue at the edges.
or if it really doesn't nudge, but it's hot! careful~

start with the smaller stones along the edge of the desired area.

remember to change the tip for the next step

scatter the larger sized crystals
(you can tell here, this is a tiny bag - just fits my phone and a small digi cam)

fill in with medium stones, than small/tiny, filling in the gaps.

as you are nearing completion,
everyone will be asking you to get a life by now.

the inspiration: this bag I saw in the chanel window on madison ave.
I look at this to justify my DiY and tell myself I'm saving "thousands"... (but am I really???)

if I ever lose my mind to attempt another "bedazzling" project again,
hands down it would be "the ultimate" louboutin... drool~~~~

Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger
But she ain't messin' wit no broke, broke

(don't mind the lyrics, my fiance and I are dancing at home to this instead of hitting the clubs)

matthew williamson for laduree

my advisor's office is right by the new ny laduree
for those who haven't heard~ it's on 864 Madison Avenue

 they have 8 piece boxes by matthew williamson right now.
unfortunately, I wasn't in the mood for macarons first thing in the morning..
otherwise, I usually don't turn down a good macaron~

macaron box versions of matthew williamson for bulgari spring 2011 bags anyone?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

my first poll

for the ladies - you will find this poll on the right hand side of this blog:
(this is just an image)

I had my first business meeting today,
essentially - what would you like to see/buy from my line?

please vote :) it will be helpful, thank you!

wishlist - alexander wang

while doing market "research" at barneys today,
I found a bag that actually fits my new camera~
however.... I really need to save money for my line and our wedding...
I hope to find you on sale one day~~

(while I'm at it, a lamb fur vest by alice & olivia, and an opening ceremony coat too please!)

edit: nevermind!!!! I'm already mostly over the awang bag. I have my sights on the ps11~

much more chic/classic~~

spring 2012 - mary katrantzou

seriously. why is she so brilliant.
maybe I should have worked for her when I had the chance~~


I've always been inspired by the reef, but never thought to do it so literally.
the last look is my (almost absolute) fave!!

because she's my favorite designer, I'm afraid of being let down,
but I was really impressed that this season managed to be fresh~
while reminiscent of her older collections. her last 2 were amazing,
yet another collection in the same direction would have been too predictable.

*well done*

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

thank you national geographic

:D I'm really excited right now, because I think I just figured out
what the theme to my first collection will be - and appropriately so.

I got my first subscriptions to national geographic yesterday,
and I got the idea while flipping through them today.
which means I can finally start sketching some legit ideas now :)
I'm also excited that it's not something "on trend", so hopefully it'll be fresh!

however inspirational these images are, they are far from the ones that inspired me. ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

korea~ I miss thee

I went on my old xanga account to look for those paul mccartney pictures and found these pictures:
when I went to korea and japan in 07 with my mom and family~ just a handful of the millions of pictures

paintings which I am still meaning to hang up

I love asian spas built into mountain tops.. this bath was strawberry scented

I heart korean shops

beautiful typography

went garden hopping in japan (we didn't go to tokyo)

we need to get a move on and book our honeymoon part 1
in korea & taiwan! where our families are from :)
part 2?? I'm hoping bali~~~~ *fingers crossed*
looking most forward to, after seeing family? nothing tops authentic asian food in asia~~