Friday, September 16, 2011

on the streets

I can die in this look.

I want these pants

I'm not a fan of her top, but I love her attitude

 how adorable is this guy's swagger!!!

fashion week photographs by tommy ton


  1. Hello~ found your blog through a friend of a friend (who I don't even rly keep in touch w anymore) but glad I stumbled upon your site nontheless haha. I'm not at all nearly involved w the fashion world as you but your blogs are very fun to read and follow :) You def have the "eye" n your work is amazing, if I could afford it I would so buy your artwork&custom pieces. the random yet oddly cohesive photos are always fun and interesting.. you and ur soontobe hubs r so cute tgthr n seem to have a great relationship :) I'm excited to see your wedding dress! haha k this is getting long so I'll end this comment of endearment here, look forward to seeing more from you~

  2. how did you save pics from tommy ton blog? it wont even let me save pics :(