Friday, September 2, 2011

what to wear - maxi skirts for all sizes

I got this comment from my previous post of ashley olsen in a long skirt:

hey there~
"dreary" is an attitude - you can wear the same outfit - you just need to love it!
(you can refer to my previous post, "one size fits all" on july 30th '11)

maxi lengths can really elongate you,
but even more so if you help by wearing heels. ;)
*this applies to all sizes~~

prints are also great because it's automatically anti-dreary

let's take a look at khloe kardashian who is always rocking maxi lengths:

stripes are the definition of illusion.
her stripes are angled on the sides and gives shape to the column.

belts polish up baggy looks, giving girls a waist.

with fall around the corner, you can keep summer's maxis
by layering jackets and sweaters.

going back to ashley's look, I'd wear the solid baggy look with a statement necklace.
a little bit of sparkle with kill any dreariness as well!


  1. loves it! that and i'm a bit excited over the fact that you dedicated a post to me.... hahaha :P

    i love your work, but i know you're busy. however, if you've got the time to work with some extra fabric, perhaps you can post some large size long, flowy tops.

  2. that sounds fun. I'm rusty on the sewing machine, so might take me a while to practice & perfect before I can make full garments~

    sure!! I'm glad the post was helpful~