Tuesday, September 13, 2011

marchesa spring 2012

fashion week is officially here - @ the plaza hotel

with connie - representing net-a-porter & jiyup - princess of notte~

the marchesa show - brought to you here first~ before style.com =P

my pictures:
(did I get my new camera just in time or what)
got really lucky and sat across from joe zee <3
(my camera actually doesn't zoom in or out. the models were almost too close~)

aww, marchesa reunion~ thanks lesley =)

 camilla belle was the most stunning person in her look. (photo to be replaced)

 kelly came super duper late... but she was all smiles

 date with connie and her new mcqueen shoes afterwards

resting before the after party~


  1. gahhhh camilla belle...STUNNING
    awesome shots from the show! so much sparkly madness. but where did all the flowers go? ;p

  2. okay... i've been following your blog for some time now (and i'm not some 40 year old ahjusshi stalker or anything in case you're getting creeped out LOL), and i think it's time i come out with it: you inspire me very much. keeping up with your art skills with your painting decorations, a designer for marchesa, DIY skirts inspired by prada (and did you whip up the mint-green colored blouse with white beads yourself?! *dies*), AND putting in the time to blog all of it-just seeing all these photos of what an amazing time you seem to be having, all in the heart of manhattan... T^T yeah. INSPIRATION 2011: COCOTRISH. Major fangirling right now~!!! Anyways, gorgeous pictures, gorgeous clothes, thanks so much for posting!!! <3