Thursday, September 22, 2011

edit: life update

on august 18, I posted "I saw a sign".
just one small edit - I will not be going on etsy.
I feel etsy will put me into a category I don't want to be in - "crafty"

my life motto is "go big or go home".
I'm going for it!
After a long night of discussing with my "business partner", aka fiance,
we decided to start my own line~
I'll regret life if I don't :)

I want my girl to get noticed when she steps out.
while - I want to make comfortable, easy to wear, fun clothes.
the kind of clothes you actually grab out of your closet.

it will be a slow process.. so bear with me!
if you know anyone I can contact for advice, please let me know!! thank you~


  1. hey patricia from marchesa ;P it's hana. you got me my pr intern with penny at marchesa a while ago. how are you!? i found this blog recently and i just started to follow you [well since yesterday :] ! IT IS AWESOME!!!!! and such great news on your life about here!!!! you are engaged and starting your own line?!!!! PERFECT!!!! CONGRATS girl!!! i CANT WAIT to buy from your line - no joke! i really believe that you def have what it takes for sure... and will do an amazingg job! heehm neh! hope youre having as much fun with your wedding preps as well. you see ppl's true colors which you are happily surprised and couple a times let down. i have been married for a year now and we're going to start trying for a baby in jan - eek. :] after the half elle gig and re evaluating my future, im happily a nanny right now gaining life experience. kkk. i do have a blog as well for fun. i def do miss fashion though!!! anyways, keep up the great work!!! i will be supporting your amazinggg talent! yak sok :D take your time and best of luck with EVERYTHING!!

    couldnt find a place to email you! can you delete this comment after you read it? lol it has like my life on here, kk.

  2. yayyy do it gf! life's a journey and you're the star~ i foresee a beautiful, wearable line with accents/details that show your unique style~
    i'd totally buy that mint shirt you made as long as it's not 1254054304 dollars *hint*hint on the price points ;p

  3. hi! this is awesome! congratulations and good luck with the new line!

  4. looking forward to your new line!

  5. how exciting!! looking forward to your line and hopefully some glimpses that you will share w/ us too~! good luck!