Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tibi spring 2012

@ lincoln center with connie

olivia palermo - spotted twice today <3

instead of the marchesa after party, we opted for the omurice party at my apartment
I even changed~ I heard they had 3D glasses with images from the show,
but I'm getting too old to last all day in heels~~ zZZz sorry~


  1. You girls look so pretty love the grey/green top combo and the pink pants. Wish I was in NYC. You re so lucky! Love the marchesa photos btw. Such beautiful pieces

  2. awww you posted my favoriiiiteeeeee look!!!! must do this more often.

  3. oooh splendid! seriously...wish I was in NYC, if not to at least to observe and suck in all that stylish energy~
    loving the shots from the new camera
    and awesome nyfw outfits! you look preeeeety~
    ps. marchesa isn't the same without your intricate touch!