Sunday, September 4, 2011

safari takeover

I posted the process of this on my facebook previously, caption reading:
"I wanted a white animal head decor, and the hubz wasn't on the same page -- So I just painted it!! =p (And he approves~ Its all about compromising..)"

I was waiting for my computer table to get here to put up the painting.

my new work space~
(not my work work space - we got a larger table for that)
I used to surf with the bed as my chair.... so nice to have a real space!
mirror table from west elm.

speaking of chair..
future project - I put a cushion inside this dust-bag,
but it would make a really cute pillow if I put the right cushion in, and sew the edges

detail shot of the shelf decor:
(it's not warped.. the camera lens does that)
looking at so many beautiful interior images inspired me to make my own little display shelf~
acrylic shelf from the container store. on sale right now!

however, I did get mini white animal heads from anthropologie~ 

an animal head I knew my fiance would approve of was this guy~
we put it right outside the kitchen as you head towards the couch.

I love how it's function for decor, and he loves that it has a function. ;)
(this was a one-in-store at a boutique)

lastly, I've posted the brown coasters when I got these in may,
but here they are again!! :o) by the makers of Fred.
so we're finally settled in the cozy new apartment, (more photos to come I'm sure)
and ready for you all come over and play anytime!! =)
beautiful treats from sunny~


  1. love all the animalistic details~ the rhino head is boss. such cute ass homeware!

  2. i wanna come over~~~~~~~!!!

  3. im in love with your table and chair!? love your taste!
    do you mind if i ask where it's from? :))))))

  4. thanks!!

    the table is from west elm, and the chair is from sit down ny