Friday, September 9, 2011

fashions night out

woke up with a bit of a hangover.. won't lie.
there was free champagne, cocktails and beer everywhere =9

on my april 9, "morning things" post, I uploaded a photo of the olsen's scarf that I wanted to find.
finally found one a couple weeks ago at urban, and it got a million compliments last night ;o)

not special to fno, but while I was at barneys, I learned that I need this outfit...

 strolled around a bit uptown before heading downtown
since its only a couple blocks walking distance

angela representing jimmy choos at their new store on bleeker~

um, what the - I've had world famous mac & cheese all over nyc,
but I never had such a delicious mac & cheese (hors d'oeuvres) as I did last night!!! =X

I didn't go stalk any famous designers, models or celebs this year,
but it was only interesting to bump into Ciara because,
this entire time, I thought she looked like a man.. sorry, so sorry!
when I saw her in person, she was STUNNING - with the tiniest face I've ever seen.

laura j. and her always crazy nails @ rogan - love.
 that barbie's headband is too cute.

goodbye fno~ I don't know, the crowd last year seemed crazier..
the best part was eating and catching up with the girls after~ :D

p.s. - I met a guy with a bow tie who started this blog: cute capri sun blog

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  1. yayy~~~ thank you for stopping by although i was such a hot mess in the midst of the crazy crowd! i'm still craving the mac & cheese too. yummmm~~ love you!