Tuesday, September 27, 2011

korea~ I miss thee

I went on my old xanga account to look for those paul mccartney pictures and found these pictures:
when I went to korea and japan in 07 with my mom and family~ just a handful of the millions of pictures

paintings which I am still meaning to hang up

I love asian spas built into mountain tops.. this bath was strawberry scented

I heart korean shops

beautiful typography

went garden hopping in japan (we didn't go to tokyo)

we need to get a move on and book our honeymoon part 1
in korea & taiwan! where our families are from :)
part 2?? I'm hoping bali~~~~ *fingers crossed*
looking most forward to, after seeing family? nothing tops authentic asian food in asia~~


  1. Ahh! Cute cute pictures pattycakes!

  2. omg i totally forgot about xanga! WOOW! haha cute pictures!! :D

  3. pretty~~~! love all the pics :)