Thursday, April 21, 2011

cat painters

in response to my previous "DiY - tropicana" post - anyone can paint!
if my cat can do it, you can do it.  painting is a technical skill that simply takes practice.
it's creativity that hopefully tips from my blog can help you with.
where there's a will, there's a way~ :)

a sweet little inspirational cat book :)
I am a bit obsessed with cats.
coco and bucky are coming to my city apt in just a few weeks!
should I try this on them? perhaps not, I like my apartment clean..

cats paint you say? it's not new. it dates as far back to egyptian times
(also check out elephant paintings.. pretty remarkable)

 painting from the middle ages

poster from the victorian time period 

cats paint from observation

notice the green tag
a page from the book
a cat who finished a painting

Why Cats Paint presents a cogently argued theory based on recent evidence which clearly supports the view that some cats' marks are aesthetically motivated and should be regarded as genuine works on non-primate art."
- L.A. Art Times.


  1. can we try it out on ur cats?

  2. You do know that book was written as a joke, right? They bullshitted the whole thing.

  3. Regardless, I think the pictures are hilarious. They need to sell the pics as posters.