Wednesday, August 31, 2011

etsy - romantic mini skirt

I got a skirt from topshop and totally forgot I had it.
it was too edgey, so to soften it up, I painted some flowers.
I love contrast~ now you can wear it casually or out - day or night! and it's non seasonal.

I just put it on etsy for $75, but now someone convinced me I should keep it,
so I took it down - it's a US size 6 aka small/medium.
any takers?? I won't wear it incase someone wants it.
if you do - simply comment, and I'll put a link back here to the etsy store~

Monday, August 29, 2011

snoopy collage

I just finished this snoopy collage with a couple of my old fashion magazines.
I wanted to use all nekkid girls, but being impatient,
I didn't feel like going out to buy more magazines.. so this will do~

last night, davy gave us this snoopy, because he was going to throw it out~
but I did need something for the wall above the bed, so we gladly took it :) thanks, D&J!!

I did the collage because the colors didn't match the look of our apartment.
snoopy got glamified~ did you notice the chanel (mask) ears?

september's instyle

I got a couple magazines incase my tv went out,
and I was surprised + excited to find 2 pages of some of my old work
for marchesa still around~


look at this awesome bottle that davy & jen gave me to decorate my apt with!
cat wine??? I die~~

oy my head hurts this morning..
let's just say there were a LOT of bottles where that came from....

Sunday, August 28, 2011

a stroll

we looked out the window and there were a lot of people walking around,
and after being trapped in all day, we decided to take a stroll in the neighborhood..

 here is the detailed picture from a couple days ago - august 24's "today" post
I can't believe after all those years, this is the first thing I own that I worked on~~
I couldn't afford anything else in the past.. this was a sample from elizabeth & james
bora gave it to me, because I painted the panthers :)

skirt from my april 20's "DiY - tropicana" post that I also hand painted
thought it was appropriate for the tropical storm.

ok, off to dinner with our new neighbors~~ :D

that's my bitch

haha I am so writing this on my wall..

oh man, I love angelina~~

dead paper

magical collages made from vintage magazines

the sunday after

irene wasn't irene after all in manhattan, just a "tropical storm" - thank goodness

so now, we have to unplug the bathtub filled with emergency water

and we have the entire day to stay in

story of our lives right now - poor hank.. :)
our new apartment should be ready in a few days! we have 2 desks arriving soon~

Saturday, August 27, 2011

candy shower

dylan lauren's bridal shower
(the daughter of ralph lauren, and owner of dylan's candy bar in ny)

 can I steal this idea for my bridal shower favor?

 candy rings

ring hors d'oeuvres

"candy" guest book

out with the new

contrasting interior decor - modernizing the old~