Monday, August 1, 2011

glitter liner

sorry if this is not news to you at all~~

but I had to ask the sales assistant what it was,
because I couldn't imagine putting on glitter as eye liner.
sounded dangerous. but, fun. for less than 5 bucks? - I had to try it.

girls online use it as their only eye liner, but I like it on top of my regular eye liner.
which is how I would probably wear it normally.

here in the picture, I went glitter happy and extended it as shadow,
blending it into regular shadow - more for a flirty night out look.

I got this brand at urban outfitters, but looking online,
it appears sephora has "better" lines like stila.

pleasantly surprised it comes off VERY easily.
literally with a qtip. make up remover is not even necessary.

1 comment:

  1. i love glitter eyeliner!
    the one from stila is good!!
    i use that one.. also from urban decay!