Thursday, August 18, 2011

I saw a sign

a blog & personal testimony:
I have secretly been going through quarter-life crisis and feeling stressed.
as you can see, a lot has 'changed' in just the past year.
one of my biggest secret was that I was going to start my own clothing line with a friend.
however, with the market and other factors, it's just not the right time.
then last night, with the move and wedding on my mind, I couldn't sleep.
and the real truth was, I was feeling a distance from my faith and God.
it's funny how the best ideas always come to me at 2 am.
it was at that moment, I snapped out of it. 
I was ashamed for feeling stressed lately.
I realized I was caught up on my own life, and feeling empty
because material desires are never satiating.
I decided to live my life 100% for others from that moment on.
I've considered it before, but now I knew how.
with the move and all, it's a fresh start!
I decided I am going to stop freelancing.
initially, I thought about applying to Compassion for a full time job.
(it is a child sponsorship organization, dedicated to long-term development of children living in poverty around the world.)
but then again, God must have given me a passion for art+design for a reason!
so starting after the move, I will have an in-house studio for my etsy shop,
and all profits, excluding material costs, will go towards Compassion International.
it should be really fun for me, no buyers remorse for the buyer,
and mostly, good for the children who need the profits more than me.
now that I wrote this on my blog, it will keep me accountable in following through!
and I am so blessed/lucky to have an amazing husband to be,
who is so supportive, and I want to thank him for making this plan possible.
so - when I turned on the computer to brainstorm my plans last night,
the first thing that popped up on my blog was a sign that read:
"looks like your blog became popular enough to get ads!"
sure ads can be annoying, and I doubt my blog will bring in $$$$.
but I saw it as a sign, that God believes I am now starting to act responsibly,
and is giving me his first penny as a confirmation that he's got my back~
I have absolutely no more feeling of stress.
I'm so glad I remembered how much I love God and his children,
and I am so excited and motivated for my "first day of work" for Compassion next week!!
I'll never feel discouraged again, always be grateful,
and work as hard as I know how to give back~ lastly, much much love to my followers~~*


  1. Trust in God no matter what and you know He'll always provide. that is SO AWESOME of you.

    good luck with EVERYTHING.

    PS - "material things are never satiating" <- doesn't it always come back to this? there are no truer words!

    xx sy

  2. I'm a fan of your blog and it's great to know that you have a great vision in life!

    Keep it going! :)

  3. aww good stuff Patty!
    keep inspiring :)

  4. I came across this the other day while watching tv and thought u would be interested. -

    Also, this sounds so great! Keep ur readers updated!

  5. pattie thats awesome! I've always wanted to work at compassion~

  6. at a stressful time I came upon your post and was inspired...thank you!