Monday, August 1, 2011

searching for

a fun book.

any recommendations for a whimsical book with a tone like alice in wonderland?
it really is so fun to read.. but I need something new~

and my favorite movie is lord of the rings, if that helps


  1. Herman Hesse's 'Steppenwolf' is super cool and spiritual in a fantastical way.

  2. suzanne collin's the hunger games!

  3. the dark materials trilogy. xx sy

  4. I love alice in wonderland! did you read the through the looking glass part as well? The only books I can think of that are as whimsical/fantasy like as alice are maybe the narnia books, i dont know if you've gotten into the harry potter books, and perhaps darker but the stephen king dark tower/gunslinger series is fantasy like as well. :]

  5. i've a soft place in my heart for stardust by neil gaiman... or the last unicorn

    fantasy books with a bit of an irreverent twist :)

  6. Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin. Beautiful magical realist novel about NYC. He writes wonderfully.