Monday, August 29, 2011

snoopy collage

I just finished this snoopy collage with a couple of my old fashion magazines.
I wanted to use all nekkid girls, but being impatient,
I didn't feel like going out to buy more magazines.. so this will do~

last night, davy gave us this snoopy, because he was going to throw it out~
but I did need something for the wall above the bed, so we gladly took it :) thanks, D&J!!

I did the collage because the colors didn't match the look of our apartment.
snoopy got glamified~ did you notice the chanel (mask) ears?


  1. hahahah i was thinking the snoopy looked oddly was from d&j apartment!!! i'm kind of obsessed with what you have done. quite the fabulous snoopy~~

  2. what a great idea! super fab indeed~