Tuesday, August 2, 2011

one year since

I just realized I started this blog a year ago, and my first post was this dior collection.
looking back, it was a "journey" alright~~~

in the past year - I went from my full time job, on to freelance with four great designers;
lived up the single life, only to meet the love of my life;
got engagedmoved from the suburbs to the city, found the next place to call home;
traveled to the south coastwest coast, within the east coast, and to the best coast - italy~

I must say, it was MUCH more than I had anticipated a year ago,
and I couldn't be happier~

but the following year will be even more exciting:
the movewedding, and a surprise turn in my career!! ;)

thanks for the love + feedback that makes it fun for me to blog, and of course, stay tuned!!

(as for me, not having gone to fashion school, I must say I learned so much about fashion
from my own blog and researching all these images~~ and there's an infinite more to learn~~)


  1. love your blog!! keep blogging :)

  2. wow so much DID happen in 1 year!!! may each year be better & bring you more happiness & wisdom my friend~!! Love u!!

  3. seriously! what an awesome year!
    love what you do with the blog :D It's fun following up on you~ And I love your art!