Thursday, December 8, 2011

seeking makeup artist

Anonymous said...
do you have any wedding makeup artist you can recommend? it's so hard finding a good makeup artist in new york that can do asian wedding makeup without costing a fortune !!!
hi~ I don't, but I wonder if anyone out there does.
please share - anyone can leave a comment, even if you do not have a blogspot account.
thanks for asking and to the person who may help!


  1. Carol & Jina from JAC beauty
    Sachiko Yanase

    I've met Carol and she's a doll. I'm using her for my upcoming wedding! :-)

  2. Im getting married in May and My makeup artist is Nam Vo. She is amazing. Does wedding,runway and magazine. She is quite expensive though. If you google her name she should come up. She is also on Yelp.

  3. I loooved Sachiko Yanase. She does hair and makeup (you can leave out the hair if that's your wish). Of all my vendors, she was the best: came early, was easy to communicate with, and was truly sweet.

    She used a spray foundation for the airbrushed but natural look, ie. face matched the neck color (it's unfortunate when you realize that's not the case when all the pics have already been taken).

    She gave helpful tips to my BMs to freshen up and gave me the fresh MAC lipstick for touch-ups.

  4. Yeah, it is awesome that Sachiko travels to the venue... I went to a bunch of Asian makeup artists and hairstylists who wanted me to get dolled up in their salon on busy Saturday mornings... No thanks.

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