Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DiY - bookshelf makeover

when we moved in together,
he insisted on keeping his old bookshelf, and put his foot down about replacing it..
a few months pass, and I still can't stand how it doesn't blend into our apartment.

so a few weeks ago, I decided to paint it.
here's the after:
I left the insides the original dark brown color, but I like the unique end result!
I did it with a white trim look, because I didn't want the books to possibly get stuck on the paint job.

lucky for me, when I drag him to anthropologie with me,
he doesn't join the other bored boyfriends on the couch, he actually enjoys the store~
so we picked up these candle holders together. I couldn't believe they were on sale for $19.99,
because I think these are very "jonathan adler"-esque and even prettier~

more decorations

after - the room feels so much more fresh and open
with the white bookshelf blending into the walls

before: it felt gloomy.....
how to do it - preferably get house paint or acrylic paint of your choice.
I didn't use primer, but have the sales associate guide you.
blue painters tape is a must for clean lines! cover the areas you don't want to paint.
make sure you protect your walls and floor!!

consider all the details - I moved the snoopy collage to the same wall as the bookshelf
and painted the frame white to match


  1. that looks really good. how'd you learn to properly paint furniture? i'm afraid to try haha

  2. it's my first time as well! just try your best to keep it smooth, be patient

  3. Lovely! I have a horrible Billy bookcase from Ikea... But I put too much sweat into assembling it myself to chuck it, so this is a perfect solution!

  4. I would lovee to see a picture! Good luck :D

  5. I agree with them all this is really amazing and you are super talented. Nothing more to say.