Thursday, December 1, 2011

kidrobot - pop!

while I was at urban outfitters, I saw that kidrobot has a new series!
I was soo excited and planned on buying all the boxes, (okay, maybe "6". (or 7))
but I decided to control myself and buy 1 first.

good thing I did! they're not as cute as the photos. at. all.
to make it worse - of courrrse, I ended up getting the one I did NOT want..
so I did the only other option and got another one. and that one sucked too..
(woops!! there goes my lunch money)

but thank god for urban's ornament which is 5000x shinier and cooler.
and basically a mini jeff koons!!
yes, I do remind myself of my age after posts like this. 

anyways, jeff koons is easily one of my favorite artists: 
this plate is out of my system now - previous post
pink dog at versaille

1 comment:

  1. aww shucks. at least you got your koons ;p
    and adore the customized photos via the new app. too cute!
    And such a darling xmas tree corner~ awesome job trish :D