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$1 oysters in NY

no worries - everything is so fresh!! I was in heaven for two days..
first, we have FISH
280 Bleecker Street

went for gihee's birthday dinner.
we had some crab legs, fries, but the important part is this:
$8 for 6 (nice plump) oysters and a drink (wine or beer)
 they have more dipping choices also

second, we have MERMAID INN for date night
(I went to the upper west side location - really cute, clean decor)  
568 Amsterdam Ave

happy hour and a half starting at 5:30pm - $1 oysters and discounted drinks
 we ordered some fish tacos, sliders, shishito peppers, and fries
paired with bloody mary~

 it's true - these little details make you want to go back.
a really delicious chocolate pudding for everyone, and a fortune telling fish!
really cute, I wish we lived closer so we can go every day :P

however, we do live next to THALIA, a hidden midtown $1 oyster place.
so that's next on our list!
we walked home through Central Park and I saw this amazing tree.

lastly, speaking of seafood.. CHAI
930 8th Ave
we had the best seafood paella on our walk home last night!!
it's thai, and makes me look forward to the Indonesian seafood we are going to have~
but we decided to make this our go to place :D

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 verameat jewelry - thanks DL!

 reminds me of a photo I have
Eye see you~ x10

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

to asia we go~

all packed and waiting to leave~
.... 28.5 hour plane ride... :(

amanda seyfried

I love blazers with shorts!

this is my last post before I leave on my honeymoon in a couple hours~
I will try to make as many automated posts as possible until I come back May 7th.
(with TONS of updates for you guys~~*)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

after party


waiting for professional photos for the blog - so hold tight for a while :/
 but here's us chillin' and happy at the after party back in manhattan :)