Thursday, April 12, 2012

rapid lash

when I asked my make up artist about fake lashses,
whether they are the ones that last a month, or temporary - she said she hates them!
then she suggested rapid lash.

I've heard of these serums, but never tried it.
buy online for a better price, instead of duane reade or cvs.

I didn't start it in time for the wedding,
but hopefully it will work for the honeymoon~
where we have a lot of makeup-less swimming pictures to take!

week 1.5 - no noticible results.. takes about 1 month to see full results.
your lashes grow in one month cycles - as in, every lash falls out and regrows each month!
stings only a tiny bit for a few seconds, and only sometimes.
apply as you would liquid eyeliner before bed.


  1. I've been wanting to try Rapid Lash. I'm currently using Maximum Lash that used to be available at Walgreen's online only, but they don't carry it anymore :(

    It really works! I have never been happier with my natural lashes. :) Yay for lash serums!!

    Don't forget to bat those lashes! ;)

  2. I do lash extensions. best 3 hours spent in laying around. These last about 3 weeks before you need a refill. I wake up and Go go go. NO MAKEUP needed and it's like giant eyes all the time.