Sunday, April 8, 2012

CiY - easter cadbury egg cupcakes!

*exhale* feeling better - had a really fun late night date night :D so fun!
and easter is my favorite holiday - already spent it with my bestie, bora and family~

 I saw katy baze's (my make up artist) cupcake and I had to try it!

need cadbury eggs - to place in the inside of your cupcake batter
 my alice in wonderland edible cupcake toppers finally arrived!!

 make sure you cool the cupcakes all the way before you frost!

I like to use food dye to color the icing


 the finished cupcakes!

for linda and dave's birthdays :)

my cadbury is not as pretty as I hoped it to be :(
(might be because I kept the eggs in the fridge..?)

 so good with a glass of milk!

eek~ a box flipped over! quick fix - peeps to the rescue~~

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