Tuesday, May 31, 2011

flower district

my friends told me to consider doing my own flowers to save money vs. a florist~
(I was a graphic designer for a wedding planning/flower company
and I estimate florists mark up about 5 times more for labor, etc.)
anyway, it never crossed my mind - I was surprised it was possible or an option~
on top of that, I didn't realize there was even a flower district in manhattan!

so I went to check it out today, and I am definitely going to do my own flowers.
I came home with a huge bundle of silk flowers which I can start prepping already.
(doing everything to prevent myself from stressing close to the wedding)
at this point, I personally think fresh flowers are overrated for a wedding...
I was surprised though when they told me they don't get wedding customers
I love fresh flowers in my apartment though =)

I plan on keeping it simple - I'd rather use my budget on other aspects of the wedding,
though I am very tempted and excited, I have to remind myself it's just for one day...

for those who are interested: well crafted silk flowers are the same as wholesale price
& vases at bulk (dozen) prices are also ridiculously affordable there.

so long

so long - amazing ceremony dress!!

I have convinced my bridesmaids and even my mother-in-law,
but my mom said it's TOO fashion forward, even for a fashion designer's wedding..

(ugh~~!!) no worries - if anything, it will be in my engagement pictures..~

Monday, May 30, 2011

happy memorial weekend

what a weekend! thank you everyone for making our house so warm
time to crawl into bed and finally watch catfish

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I think it's safe to reveal my mcQueen knuckle clutch~
my fiance's wedding gift to me for the special day and afterwards!!!
it's my fashion dream come trueeeeeee~~~*
I asked him 20 times if it's for real and he thought I was crazy......


thank you thank you hun!!!


is complete!!!!

haha can't believe we are all engaged together!! sooo fun~~
let the good times begin~~~~*~*

(my two best friends - and bridesmaids to be are engaged!)

Friday, May 27, 2011

my first loubs!

no. I wish it were these, but 6G is stretching the budget...

I can't post the picture here, because I used my wedding as an excuse to buy my first loubs!
they are my absolute fave style in the world~~*~*
I hunted them down in every manhattan store until I found the last one left. PHEW!!!

too bad they have to stay in the box for a year though..... will be worth it~~ :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

queen of bridal

I was shopping at barneys for bridal shoes, and who do I bump into?
the queen of the bridal world.. ms. vera herself~
we ended up speaking and she was very sweet.
should've asked if she thought the pink loubs I was trying on are a bit much for a wedding

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

24 hrs

I can't believe how fun it is~ it's been 24 hrs since we started planning
and my fiance and I already almost strangled each other at least 15 times (once for each topic hahah)
but I am thankful how involved he is though. what would I do without him~

at the end of the day, our goal is to just have a whimsical, fun, intimate PARTAY~!~!!
so many friends have reached out and volunteered to help in all their talented ways!
I feel sooo loved and I'm really touched~~!!
another special thanks to connie, emmy, ahyun, gihee and ssongee~~*

spontaneous me found my wedding dress online~~
and I bought it instantly - without trying it on!
(I never shop online and it wasn't what I was planning on wearing either,
but it's like, my favorite designer - can't go wrong..)
I wish I could post the picture, but you'll have to wait!!!
for those who know my plans - it's a secret~!!
now I'm super excited~~~

I feel done. I can get married in less than a month if I wanted to.. but it's an entire year away =(
wedding planning is not that hard once you know what you want~ (I think.)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

positano pictures part 2

we lost our digi cam in Rome, it had a lot of the sillier pictures.. :(
but we still have the pictures from our dslr~
here are the rest from Positano

the amazing breakfast we had from our room every morning with the view..
we would sun tan here during the day and relax between meals sometimes

the local delicacy - sardines. surprisingly delicious~

romantic tea time with the hubby to be :)

trying langoustine for the first time~
I don't think it can be served better than this way, @ max

our final sunset.. thank you again dear.. :)

only stray dogs in Italy would be caught eating spaghetti~

resort 2012

chanel - oops, I find myself only being interested in bridal related looks

a huge thank you to linda, jasmine and anna for reaching out
and coming to my rescue with planning just since my previous post~
I never thought I'd say this, but your advice (and anna's amazing spreadsheet)
is making me actually excited to plan!! props to my involved finace as well~
thank GOD for organized people in my life!! :)


I just took a look at a wedding checklist on  theknot.com
.... and the page scrolled down forever~~~!.......
today, we start the guest list...

anyway, at least the last bit of decorating came to our apt - zee zebra rug~
(I eventually want new lamps, drawers, and mirrors..)
it looks just like this one: it's neat and cowhide

the pictures I had to show my fiance to convince him on agreeing to one:

some like it hot

I just watched this adorable and hilarious movie~

When two musicians witness a mob hit,
they flee the state in an all female band disguised as women,
but further complications set in.

the 1920's gangster movie spoof reminded me of a bar we went to recently,
the back room - 102 norfolk st - it used to be a speakeasy.
keeping in theme, they still serve alcohol in teacups and beer in brown bags
the secret sliding bookshelf still works also~

fish hooook :)