Saturday, May 21, 2011

italian brunch date

I've been so excited about my mini housewarmings (and the fact that I cook now!)
hosted my first brunch date with julienne and lydia~ (who we first met on my jan 7th post)
my brulee torch is coming today so I can prepare grapefruit brulees~ yum....

coco meets lydia~*

 I love decorating~ napkin holder (actually a plate holder) from anthropologie
candle holders from crate and barrel

fresh flowers from my friend joyce the night before

from my feb 12 city - arugula salad post (pears replaced by chopped grapes) to start
I am obsessed with these paper placemats (book of 50 from anthropologie)
they totally set the mood

 for appetizers, I served blueberry cheese (makes a good dessert option also)
and mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto with olive oil bread sticks
and main crab claws from the lobster place (in chelsea market nyc)
super sweet plates from anthropologie - I got 1 in each 4 color way

fresh chopped strawberries, san pellegrino aranciata, and pink lemonade
tasty~ next time I want to add some alcohol and mint leaves
served in a decanter from crate and barrel

light entree - my fave, spaghetti pomodoro - with lots of cheese please

for sides, grill any veg with olive oil, and sprinkle with roasted garlic

to finish, crumbs cup cakes and cookies from dinner guests the night before

so excited to use my tea set~ that I literally got 4 years ago and never used..

french expresso cup - stole from sister - probably vintage
lemon and bird sugar bowl and zebra milker from anthropologie

tea for one from bloomingdales (I want to collect various tea for one sets)
and cat tea drip catcher from alice tea cup

a glimpse at some dinner parties from this week
bear rug coasters from urban outfitters - set of brown and white

 steak - I serve it 3 ways - salt & pepper, ponzu sauce, and benihana's mustard sauce

 desserts from kyotofu my fiance always brings home,
this peculiar green tea stick is amazing!!
also downtown, pan yan's green tea cookies are to die for~


  1. awww how cute!
    everything looks delishhhh~
    such awesomely cute housewares! love it all :D
    have you been to japanese plate shops? They have really pretty plates, rice bowls, soy sauce dishes etc...I can always spend hours there, hehehe~
    And YESSS to a brulee torch! yummmm.
    xo Diana

  2. omigosh. love love these pics! I had so much fun love.
    I'll be back very soon :)

  3. omg hahahah i looove the bear road kill rug coasters!! i want them too~ and the zebra milker thingeeeee

  4. oh & i see your couch & coffee table came already! ill have to chk it out in person~ those crabs look delishhhh

  5. omg patty this looks AMAZING! i feel like i'm looking at a catalog hahahaha :)

  6. looking at your blog makes me happy. i feel like i can breathe. ur such an artist!!! muah!