Wednesday, November 30, 2011

cute iphone app

xoxo cocotrish*

the app adds eyelashes too~

pictures I went crazy with from angela's birthday dinner @ lure
(too bad we missed the $1 happy hour oysters~~~)

I wish I knew what this app is called, but it's in asian characters+"cute"~
it's a pink icon, and I came across it in the appstore under the photo categories.
reminds me of the japanese sticker photobooths*

stocking stuffers part 1

our first xmas tree arrived!!
it's a tiny one.. but nonetheless exciting.
so I went researching online and came across a couple things

 cat lipstick by Paul & Joe - too pretty to use, no?
these guys make me wish I didn't already own a shower cap!
by Urban Outfitters

 speaking of shower, how funny is this?

I'll be going to Urban to get these jeff koon inspired ornaments for myself!!
they'll make cute apartment decorations after the holidays too.
no need to pack them away~~

 anthropologie's mitten garland. woo, should I make popcorn ones?

my ideal xmas ornament - I will somehow get this on my tree...
we were going to get it, until we saw that the shipping was $7.00!! =(
plush nyan cat from etsy

shana london's smiley clutch!
orlando vacation?? yes, that's what I wanted.. but flights were out of control!!..

* I added an xmas gift poll to help everyone's shopping - in the right side column *

Luize Salmgrieze

by Alice Rosati for Glamour Spain
(thanks diana~)

the spread was purrfection


I write my curses in cursive

Monday, November 28, 2011

the cat sweater

my friends email/txt/facebook all sorts of cat thing-a-ma-bobs to me.
I am especially obsessed with jeanie's pick of the day!!

this is my ideal holiday sweater... it's, so.. beautiful!!! bahahahahaa~~

reminds me of my cat tee I already have by enjoi

if you haven't figured it out already, I am a crazy cat lady~
not as crazy as the crying eharmony girl on youtube though. hilarious - check it out


edit: hahaha, they made mini santa hats for the holidays on etsy...
pretty effin brilliant I must say...

game boy iphone case

I finally succumbed to the iphone4s!
 here it is in my apple world - with the GAME BOY case.

I still remember the day my mom got it for me in 1992... *sigh* oh, tetris <3
and this is my pc world - got this kid robot mouse pad as a gift from bo
(so I got the other one to match my apple world.)

 I also ordered this "chanel" case online
ya know - in case my game boy case is a bit immature for the occasion. ;)


and, oh yes! I am so excited to get phone calls!!
I downloaded "christmas nyan cat" fun ringtones - I. die.

and game of choice?? nyan cat: lost in space~~~

Sunday, November 27, 2011

back to reality

that was a long long break, with family and friends galore.

I learned a parenting "tip" - get your kids in pjs and teeth brushed
before you pack them in your car home, where they WILL pass out,
and make getting ready for bed at home much more difficult~ genius.